Lee Drozak

Lee Drozak, from LeeDrozak Biz, helps small business owners and solo entrepreneurs find the wow in their WordPress websites. Her design and development abilities are supplemented by her digital strategy skills to give her clients user-friendly, attractive websites.

Lee now focuses mainly on website re-design & development for those who are tired of fitting into everyone else’s mold and want their website to reflect the value only they can offer to their clients.

Before starting her WordPress Design company, Lee Drozak Biz, Lee spent years as a Technical Virtual Assistant, supporting busy and overwhelmed business owners carry out their latest product launch, email marketing campaigns or ongoing website strategies with ease.

Lee is a sought-after consultant and host of Pittsburgh Biz TV’s technical segment, Finding Your Website Wow. She has also won a Women In Small Business Award and is a featured business owner in Soar To Success Magazine along with several other podcasts and news sources.

When not emerged in the world of digital, Lee spends her time in her small Amish town enjoying the peace and quiet or traveling around in her RV. She also likes anything outdoors, bacon over a campfire and sharing a glass of wine with friends.