Meet the Organizers

WordCamp Lancaster 2017 is less than two week away! It’s a good time to introduce the team that’s putting things together. There are hundreds of WordCamps every year, each one organized by local WordPress enthusiasts and Lancaster is no exception. We’ll all be labelled with special lanyards, along with all volunteers, and are available to assist with any question or issues during the conference.

Corey Salzano, Co-Organizer

Corey is a full-stack developer at Friday Systems Inc, and an avid promoter of local events, including the Lititz Craft Beer Fest. In the off chance you catch him away from his computer, Corey can be found playing hockey, grilling, or laying down some sick bass lines.

Corey is also a lover of the mighty capybara; often spending countless hours perfecting the ancient craft of origami to match their noble likeness.

I feel that nearly all of their features look to be unfortunately-sized, and that makes them adorable.”


Jonathan Ober, Co-Organizer

Jonathan is a seasoned web designer and developer, working out of the Leaf Collective right here in Lancaster.  He dreams of owning a tiny house and touring both the United States and the world someday.

Another animal enthusiast, Jonathan is a lover of sugar gliders and has been known to outshine even the worlds top-most veterinarians when it comes to trivia regarding their habits.

“I have no idea what a sugar glider is.”


Dustin Leer, Co-Organizer

Dustin is designer and developer in Lancaster. He’s designed countless components of WordCamp Lancaster, including every Wapuu we have!

Dustin’s animal of choice is the mysterious pygmy marmoset.

“The pygmy marmoset is so tiny. So adorbs.”


Lauren Pittenger, Co-Organizer

Lauren works as a designer and front end developer at a boutique consultancy, LBDesign. Her hobbies are wheel throwing, painting and reading. Her true passion is cat photography, specifically her own. However, if your cat asks nicely, she will probably photograph it as well.

Continuing the animal loving trend, Lauren is particularly fond of the Okapi. She may one day photograph them too.

“I really love their zebra legs. Really, that’s the only part of the zebra you need.”


Andrew Adcock, Co-Organizer

Andrew is a Senior Developer at Unleashed Technologies, focusing on WordPress, Drupal, Symfony, Node, and Laravel projects. He was an organizer for the 2016 WordCamp Baltimore, and joins Lancaster as a co-organizer in 2017.

Andrew is an amateur keytar-ist, Krav Maga spectator, and PHP enthusiast. He can be found playing music to stray cats in the Baltimore region, working on various open source projects for Symfony, and watching the television show Sliders.

Andrew’s animal of choice is the bear. He finds their hugs particularly soothing.

“They’re all just teddy bears, really. Even those grizzlies.”


Rami Abraham, Lead Organizer

This years Lead Organizer, Rami, is a developer and musician, and probably some other things.

Rami has an affinity for the Star-nosed mole. He plans on using them for surviving the apocalypse in a flooded earth scenario, which he predicts has a 27% probability of occurring given present data.

“I greatly appreciate the Star-nosed Mole’s ability to smell underwater.”

The roster of organizers at a WordCamp can vary from year to year, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and service of these selfless, wonderful people:

  • George Stephanis, Organizer Emeritus

  • Mary Waldman, Organizer Emeritus

  • Austin Ginder, Organizer Emeritus

  • Bri Piccari, Organizer Emeritus

A special thank you to our incredible team of volunteers, the backbone of the conference. Look for a post introducing them coming soon!

Have any questions or comments for the organizers? Contact Us!

Get Involved

WordCamp Lancaster 2017 is coming up fast. There are just a few short weeks left until the big day and we could use your help! WordPress is all about community and helping one another and we could use a hand. We are looking for a couple more volunteers to help us out and make sure things run smoothly.

Fill out the form here and let us know what you are interested in.

Did we mention, if you are selected as a volunteer, you also get free admission? What have you got to lose?